Promotion Spring Break!

Spring Break is fast approaching and we have decided to spoil you all! Until March 19th, stay with us mentioning the promotion code "slides" when you reserve and we will give you one ticket per person for Terrasse Dufferin slides!

" More than a century-old slide, a unique attraction in Quebec City. This impressive
structure, which has become familiar to residents of Quebec, appeared on the Dufferin
Terrace in 1884. A few years later, the iconic Château Frontenac, most photographed hotel
in the world, was erected next to the slide, projecting shade on what we believe is the oldest attraction in town. It was then closed in 1981, but then again regained its appeal in December 1992 and has been operated since then.

The slide will undoubtely make you feel emotions as you get to speed up to 70 km / hour
down the hill. As long as Mother Nature cooperates, the three aisles of ice will be available from mid-December until mid-March or even later, if weather permits. With up to four passengers per toboggan, be sure to hold on tight to your hats, down you go!" Source: